Reseda High School Wins Grant to Launch Environmental Science Careers Pathway Program

Reseda High School Science Magnet recently secured a Career and Technical Education (CTE) planning grant from the California Department of Education’s Specialized Secondary Programs funds to establish an Environmental Science Careers Pathway program. The $35,000 grant will be used to plan the implementation of the careers pathway program through curriculum planning in biology and chemistry and teacher professional development. An additional $100,000 CTE implementation grant was received to  launch the program in the 2015-2016 school year.
The choice of an environmental careers pathway was based upon three considerations:
  1. Many major environmental challenges impact the State of California;
  2. Environmentally-related science and technician jobs are predicted to increase between 7% and 40% within Los Angeles County and throughout California over the next ten years; and
  3. The Next Generation Science Standards integrate content across disciplines and incorporate science and engineering practices with an emphasis on inquiry and problem solving.
“The exciting part of the curriculum will be the environmental themed units that will be built upon real world research projects, field monitoring and investigating, and creating solutions to environmental issues, with activities that are student centered,” said Vicki Arnold, Science Magnet Coordinator at Reseda High. “This will allow students to experience the activities of actual professions in environmental science careers, and will prepare them for postsecondary education and training to attain those careers.”
Board Member Ratliff supported Reseda High’s grant application with a letter commending the school’s efforts to “not only prepare students for college, but also make them better stewards of the environment.”
“This is a well-deserved award for Reseda High School,” said Board Member Ratliff. “Specialized programs, such as the proposed Environmental Science Careers Pathway, help increase student engagement, achievement, and outcomes. Kudos to the staff and Reseda community for pursuing the grant!”