“Had it not been for the amazing faculty at Reseda High School, I doubt my daughter would have grown into such an exceptional adult. They provided the perfect environment for her to grow and mature in, which I feel no private school could have done.

I am positive Reseda was the best possible choice we could have made for our daughter. Reseda Science Magnet offers classes that are challenging yet enjoyable, activities as diverse as their student body, and prepares students for their future professional pathways.

Reseda Science Magnet gets two thumbs up from me and I highly recommend it. Reseda did for my daughter what no other high school could have done and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Professor Bela Bodey MD, D.Sc. USC Children’s Hospital

“We are very fortunate to have selected Reseda Magnet for my son. The education he received was superb. We are especially impressed how flexible and challenging the curriculum was, not to mention the excellent and understanding teachers.

Our son left Reseda after his junior year for early admission to Carnegie-Mellon University. Because of the intensity of the Reseda Science Magnet program, my son not only graduated a year early but entered college as a sophomore. I am very pleased with Reseda and hope that parents recognize that the Reseda Magnet rivals if not surpasses other more well known LAUSD magnet schools.”

Zhi Xue Xu, Director of Business Computing Services, San Jose State University

“I initially had reservations about sending my daughter to a public school. However, the program has been exceptional. All her classes have been challenging and her teachers have been excellent. They have taken Monica on numerous fieldtrips to plays, lectures and camping expeditions. They have special seminars after school and on weekends to prepare students for the AP exams, They have prepared lecture notes to be downloaded from the Internet. Most importantly, the school environment is very safe.

My daughter graduated near the top of her class and is now attending U.C.L.A. She has been well prepared for college and has many wonderful experiences to remember. I wholeheartedly recommend Reseda Science Magnet.”

Dr. Arthur Mehlman M.D.