Curriculum Requirements

In order to prepare our students to be successful at the university level in the fields of science and mathematics, the Science Magnet requires students to go beyond the A-G minimum required by LAUSD.


4 years of Science
4 years of Mathematics
4 years of English
3 years of Social Studies
3 years of the same Foreign Language

Because of the 4 year core of college preparatory courses, students who complete this program exceed the entrance requirements for the University of California.

⇒ Honors and Advanced Placement courses are essential for admission to most University of California campuses and other highly selective private colleges.
⇒ More Advanced Placement courses are not always better. Universities are looking for students that maintain a rigorous academic program while also pursuing their interests outside of the classroom through internships, volunteering or other personal experiences.
⇒ Advanced Placement courses can elevate a student’s GPA if they receive a grade of “A”. A grade of “A” in an honors class is equivalent to a grade of “B” in an AP course. If a student takes too many AP classes and they are not passing with a “B” or better in them, it is probably not in their best interest.
⇒ Advanced Placement courses cannot be dropped in the middle of a course. Students are expected to complete the courses they start, just like in college.

Prerequisites for Advanced Placement courses

AP Chemistry: requires Chemistry AB (can be taken at a community college in summer)
AP Biology: requires Biology AB and Chemistry AB
AP Environmental Science: requires Biology AB and Chemistry AB
AP Calculus or AP Statistics: requires Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre calculus
AP Physics C Mechanics or Electricity and Magnetism: requires AP Calculus (completed or concurrent)

⇒ Advanced Placement courses require a recommendation from a teacher and approval of a parent. We want to make sure each student is in the class they are going to be successful in.
⇒ Students should be successful, with an “A” or “B”, in the prerequisite honors courses, to pursue Advanced Placement courses. If they are not successful in the lower level course, they will likely struggle in the advanced course.